The white book by JooO


The Bucket List

  • go to Ozi with working holiday visa for atleast 3 months
  • have my own  Eurotrip by 2010 between summer or autumn
  • backpacking alone (or with friends) around the world before 35 [with my own money]
  • travel around europe/US with mom,dad,bro and the rest of the crew in cimanggis n surabaya [me paying all expenses]
  • have a successful web agency
  • have a tour organizer, event organizer
  • have some restaurants
  • have some hawkerfood stands
  • have the latest white sport range rover
  • have a VW Combi
  • have a Vintage Vespa
  • skydiving
  • get diving open water license
  • do a lot of snorkling
  • bungeejumping in New Zealand
  • have villas in Bali-Beach front view
  • have villas in Tomohon
  • build good small free schools in rural areas
  • have a vineyard
  • married to a loving husband and have triplets (kids)
  • have a small [adequate] house with large garden
  • auditioning for The Amazing Race Asia
  • as a founder of great websites
  • own some hostels in [undecided]
  • encourage Indonesian people to travel more
  • encourage people i know to travel more
  • get more people from around the world to travel in Indonesia
  • able to ride a big motorbike (get the license too)
  • drive fast in autobahn (germany)
  • diving in Raja Ampat (Papua)
  • Trekking through the villages in Papua
  • wallclimbing
  • paragliding pilot license
  • hitchhiking planes, ships, trains
  • …..


  1. Hey Mariza! I can’t believe i just found your website! I just made a real website myself and love how yours is set up! I love your bucket list!

    Comment by maria renner | October 24, 2009 | Reply

    • hey Maria!!!! thanks..the bucket list keeps growing… are you girl? where did you buy the domains? i’m thinking of getting one too 🙂

      Comment by thewhitebookbyjooo | November 30, 2009 | Reply

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