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What i know about Gili Trawangan, Lombok

how to get there (Gili Trawangan) from Kuta, Bali:
1. from Kuta take rent a car cost about Rp 350.000/car, fit for 8 persons, go to Padang Bai Harbor. around 90 minutes ride. or take public transportation (minivan/elf) Kuta-Tegal-Ubung-Batubulan-Klungkung-Padang bai cost around Rp 30.000 in total, takes about 3-4 hours.
2. take the ferry from Padang Bai to Lembar cost Rp 31.500, about 4 hours traveling.
3. take Bemo from the port (Lembar) to Sweta, Mataram. maybe cost around Rp 10.000, 1 hour ride.* or take mini van from lembar-cakra (Rp 10.000)-pemenang(Rp 8.000) then walk or take cidomo to the port to get the boat to Gili Trawangan (skip step 4), takes about 2 hours.
4. from Sweta to Bangsal, cost about Rp 10.000, 1 hour*
5. take Cidomo/Delman (A horse carriage) from the main road to the port of Bangsal, may cost around Rp 3000/person.*
6. From the port (Bangsal) to the islands, using the communal boat (available from 8am to 4pm). cost about Rp 8000-Rp10.000 (depends on the destination: Gili Air – Gili Meno – Gili Trawangan). takes about 1 hour from Bangsal to Gili Trawangan.

*we didnt take the public bemo to go to Gili Trawangan from Padang Bai. there were 8 of us. at the tourist information in Padang Bai Harbor, we bought a package (consisting of P.Bai-Lembar ferry ticket, a car shuttle from Lembar to Bangsal, and boat to Gili Trawangan) Rp 85.000 (yes! we bargained! hard!). and when we arrived in Bangsal, they dropped us in a restaurant (Waroeng Bangsal), they sorf of forced us to order lunch (not free!) here, and when other shuttle has come (lots of other tourists coming), they told us to hurry up eating coz the communal boat would leave any soon (in fact the communal boat is available pretty much every 30 minutes). my suggestion is bring your own food n drinks enough for you n friends. we departed from Kuta around 7.30am. took the 9am ferry. arrived in Gili Trawangan around 5pm.

Go buy the boat ticket at the official ticketing office which located at the sea front. many touts come to you when you arrive at the port (Bangsal). if you already have the boat ticket such as from Perama Tour, people would say “your ticket is no good”, some would take you ticket and dissapear. ignore these people, just go straight to the sea front side of the port (where the ticketing will be). The “Ticket Office” on the main road is NOT official ticketing office. only buy or show your ticket only at the official office at the sea front.

if you take the public bemo, you will be dropped at the main road from where you will be advised to take Cidomo. you may take this and pay about Rp 3000. or you can walk for 15 minutes to the port.

near the port there’s a small restaurant called Waroeng Bangsal. lousy food, lousy service, small portion of food&drink, packed with people trying to sell you tickets or other things. i hate this place.

there are boat shuttle between the islands (Gili Air-Gili Meno-Gili Trawangan), go check the schedule and fares at the official ticketing office.

Accomodation contact number: (only a few of lots of accomodation which scattered along the beach and in the village)
Beach Wind Bungalow +628123764347 (Rp 200.000/room-2 double beds-5 people, AC/Inside Bathroom/TV/DVD, this is the price for low season, my friend stayed there in Februari 2009)
Blue Beach +62370623538
Warna +62370623859
Lisa Homestay +081339523364
Terawangan Cottage 62370623582
Jessica +6281806139768
Rumah Saga +6281805714315
Rumah Purnama +6281339536047
TrinacriaVillage +6281338434211

north from the landing site.turn right as you land many guesthouse are located left on the road. but theres an accommodation near the registration office located behind a tourist agency, next to the road entrance to the accommodation. do not stay here!!!… The worst Guest house and the worst staff. They are very pushy to sell drugs and expensive transport. Stay away. i dont remember the name of the accomodation.North from the landing place. BUT this is only my opinion about the guest house. go try to stay there with your own risk 🙂

if you go north, about 150 meters from the landing site to the right, there will be a guesthouse named Milani, the bedroom n bathroom is big, good enough for 4 persons, cost Rp 200.000/ 4 persons (a high season price). it is located behind a small clothes/accessories/gift shop.

or you can also go look for guesthouses to the south, turn left from the landing site (as you land), the accommodations will be on your rightside. the other probably cost about Rp 30.000-Rp 75.000/ person for low-middle class accommodation.dont forget to Bargain!!!. coz we went there during the high peak, New year (2009) the price exploded up to 100%-300%.

if you want free accommodation, you can just build your tent on the beach, you just have to ask the permission when you register (visitor/tourist mus register) at the registration office near the dropping off point after you took the communal office.

you can walk around the islands
, would take you about 2 hours with a nice walk and photo sessions.

you can rent a bike (not motorbike, no motorbike here) or take a cidomo to go around, but i think walking is the best way to go around, definitely nicer,no cost,and healthier.hahaha.

the best bar to hang out is at Tir Ta Nog (Irish pub). Happy hour 7pm-10pm. wednesday is party nite. Thursday is ladies nite (free drinks for the ladies..yippey).located south from the landing site.

try swimming at around nite-ish (i did at 2am at the shore in front of Milani Guesthouse) , when we swam there were some glowing planktons, like the ones in The Beach, the movie.

This is stupid, dont try this! (as not allowed-we didnt know!), but we (3 girls) swam (geared with 3 lifevests and 1 kayak) from Gili Trawangan to Gili Meno, and swam way back to Gili Trawangan without taking a break. we were stung by jellyfish and the current were strong. took us about 2 hours. but when we go back, about 150 meters away from the shore (Gili T), the local boatmen offered us a ride to the shore as they were worried coz the current is getting strong (it was around 3pm).we took their offer coz we were so damn tired. it was stupid but we’re so proud to have accomplished such thing and it was on January 1, 2009.

to get back to Kuta from Gili Trawangan

1. take boat Rp 10.000 to Bangsal.
2. rent a car from Bangsal Rp 200.000/car, can fit 5-7 persons.(or take public bemo/bus)
When you leave the islands and now in Bangsal, if you want to use Cidomo from the port to the bus/bemo stop, you must mention to him to go all the way to the main road. the driver may take you to the parking lot, just outside of the port, telling you it is the public transport centre. The public bemos stop is about 2km away from Bangsal. or from this port walk to the terminal/or take cidomo then take mini van Pemenang-Cakra (Rp10.000)-Lembar(Rp 10.000)
3. Ferry from Lembar to Padang Bai Rp 32.000
4. take a shuttle van from Padang Bai to Kuta Rp 40.000-Rp 50.000(go bargain!). they will drop you off in Bemo Corner, Kuta. about 100 meters away from the end of Legian Road.

FYI:  the word “Gili” means island in Sasak Language (the language of lombok ethnics)




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  1. i would like to say thank you for all of your support, for visiting my blog. about a week ago there’s a person who was personally emailed me to say thank you. by the time i’d like to reply his email, it turned out that i have accidentaly deleted his email. so i dont know how to send him back a thank you email to him. so once again, Thank You to all of you!!!

    Comment by thewhitebookbyjooo | March 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. A easier route..

    My choice to get from Kuta to one of the three Gilis would be to take plane from Denpasar to Mataram, about 30-45 minutes, and costs about 500000 idr, and the a 40 minute taxi to bangsal. Thats is by far the fastest possible way to get to Bangsal. My personal view on the ferries from Padang Bai to Lembar is that they are very shabby, long wait, many peoples that try to hustle you and it just feels very unsafe when it is a little bit of rough sea.

    When in Bangsal I would recomand to try the public boats firsts, they leave when it is full, so when you arrive just go to the official ticket place and ask if the boat is almost full, if yes, then probalby no more than a 30 minute wait. A easy way to have the children leave you alone, if you have any coins fro other countries give it to them, they love to make jewelry from them, and for the older ones, dont try to get rid of them but start to talk with them instead, much more relaxing than trying to chase people away every second. Most indonesians are great that way, the understand very quickly if you are not interested in buying anything, and then they rather talk and listen.

    For which one of the three Gilis to chose its for me pretty easy. Meno is out of the questin, to many mosquitos and bugs. Plus it is very quiet. Trawangan is the party island, but also suffers from alot of drug problems, the best place is Gili Air. There are still parties there, but much more relaxing ones than Trawangan. And if you want to go to Trawangan to party a night, just befriend some of the locals to take you over, they just want gas money and a copple of drinks and they are OK. But be careful with the boattrips during the night, they can be pretty hazardous

    Comment by mokka | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. yep, taking the flight from Denpasar to Mataram would be easier. the price of one way flight usually cost around Rp 300.000 – Rp 600.000. another way is also using a fast boat from Benoa Harbour/Padang Bai/Serangan Harbour(Bali) to the gili islands, usually a one way trip cost around Rp 650.000-Rp 750.000.

    Comment by thewhitebookbyjooo | April 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. Nice advice, Mariza. We’re going to test it tomorrow 🙂

    Comment by tomcio | April 27, 2009 | Reply

  5. My God what a fabulous post, as we were looking for information on Bali, but you have layed out in great detail everything we would need for this side-trip and it sounds like a blast. We will print this post out and take it with us as a reference guide. Thanks for so much detail!

    Comment by Get A Trip | June 1, 2009 | Reply

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